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End of tenancy cleaning

Available anywhere in North and North West London!

How quick is to find tenants if you are landlord and how easy is to leave a rented property and get back your full deposit, if your property is full with dirt? The answer is one – you won`t be able to find tenants for your property and you won`t be able to get back your deposit!
So if you - landlords or tenants want your place to be spotless – you are definitely on the right place!

If you are landlord and want to bring your property quick back on the market, we can definitely help you, by our professional cleaning services!

If you decide to move out from your rented property, we can help you to get your deposit back, by providing you professional end of tenancy cleaning!

The rates for every end of tenancy cleaning can vary from the size of the property, from that how much furniture you have got in and many more things, but one is sure - when we start your property from the top, all the cleaning job will be finished to the very bottom of your place! Depend of that how big and how dirty is your property we will decide how many cleaners you need.

Using only professional cleaning products our well trained cleaners will clean every part of your property. Once again I would like to tell that they are all fully insured! After every end of tenancy cleaning our cleaning supervisor will check out how the job is been done and make sure the place is spotless!

Here I can present you just a small part of our end of tenancy cleaning program, because tryst me or not the program is really, really long:

- All  interior doors and doors frames dusted and cleaned;

- All interior windows and windows frames dusted and cleaned;

- All blinds and curtains cleaned and vacuumed if necessary;

-All skirting boards dusted and cleaned;

-All furniture dusted and cleaned from inside and outside;

-All lights and all switches dusted and cleaned;

-All TV and TV units dusted and cleaned;

-All rugs – moved and vacuumed;

-All the baths, showers, tiles, sinks and toilets will be cleaned and descaled;

-All cupboard in the kitchen will be cleaned from inside and out, on the top and the bottom of the cupboards as well;

-The fridge/freezer will be defrost and cleaned from inside and out;

-The oven will be cleaned from inside and out;

-All carpets vacuumed and cleaned.

And this is just small part of our check out list, which you can see when we arrive in your property.

Contact us now on 07403 070 748 and get personalized offer for your property! We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, so we can keep our customers happy at all the time!